11th Class Result 2024

All exam boards of Pakistan a candidate can check 11th class result 2024, while visiting the official website of the student concern exam board. However, Punjab boards announced that 11th class result 2024 will be announced on 10th october 2024. EduHQ is the only platform where you can search results, such as 9th class, 10th class, 11th class (First year) 12th class (2nd year). Learner can also get info regarding, paper rechecking, supplementary exam, result cancellation and board migration or NOC. Let’s examine the methods of checking results below.

  • Roll Number
  • SMS
  • Name
  • Gazette
11th Class Result

Candidates who appeared in final annual exams of 11th class 2024 (first year), are waiting for their results, 11th class result. Which is expected by BISE Punjab boards to be announced on 10th october 2024, at 10:00 AM. Where all students of Punjab, will be searching their result of their concern board.

Such as: BISE Gujranwala, BISE Lahore, BISE Faisalabad, BISE Multan, BISE Rawalpindi, BISE Sahiwal, BISE Bahawalpur. Not only this EduHQ is a platform for all those students of other classes such 9th class, 10th class, 11th class and 12th class. They may check their results of 9th class result, 10th class result and 12th class result.

Punjab Boards

BISE Multan Board 11th Class Result

Multan Board

KPK Boards

Sindh Boards

BISE Sukkur Board

Sukkur Board

Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Pakistan 

The Middle and High school students are enrolled in board of intermediate and secondary education. BISEs are responsible for running and managing the exams. Teachers and students are here helped by BISEs, in term of curriculum and by giving standard education resources and help.

Pakistan’s six regional boards, one is in each province and other one is in Islamabad, the federal capital city of Pakistan.
Let’s have a look upon all provincial boards, the high school boards of Pakistan, are listed below in a separate table.

Punjab Education Boards 

Boards of EducationLocationEstablished YearOfficial Website
BISE, LahoreLahore1954BISE Lahore Official Website
BISE, GujranwalaGujranwala1976BISE Gujranwala Official Website
BISE, FaisalabadFaisalabad1988BISE Faisalabad Official Website
BISE, MultanMultan1968BISE Multan Official Website
BISE, RawalpindiRawalpindi1977BISE Rawalpindi Official Website
BISE, SahiwalSahiwal2012BISE Sahiwal Official Website
BISE, BahawalpurBahawalpur1977BISE Bahawalpur Official Website
BISE Dera Ghazi KhanDera Ghazi Khan1989BISE Dera Ghazi Khan Official Website
BISE, SargodhaSargodha1968BISE Sargodha Official Website

KPK Education Boards 

Boards of Education in KPKLocationEstablished YearOfficial Website
BISE, AbbottabadAbbottabad1990BISE Abbottabad Official Website
BISE, BannuBannu1990BISE Bannu Official Website
BISE, Dera Ismail KhanDera Ismail Khan2003BISE Dera Ismail Khan Official Website
BISE, KohatKohat2002BISE Kohat Official Website
BISE, MalakandMalakand2003BISE Malakand Official Website
BISE, MardanMardan1990BISE Mardan Official Website
BISE, PeshawarPeshawar1961BISE Peshawar Official Website
BISE, SwatSwat1990BISE Swat Official Website

Sindh Education Boards 

Boards of Education in SindhLocationEstablished YearOfficial Website
Aga Khan BoardKarachi2003Aga Khan Board Official Website
BSEK KarachiKarachi1950BSEK Karachi Official Website
BISE, HyderabadHyderabad1961BISE Hyderabad Official Website
BIEK, KarachiKarachi1974BIEK Karachi Official Website
BISE, LarkanaLarkana1995BISE Larkana Official Website
BISE, MirpurkhasMirpurkhas1954BISE Mirpurkhas Official Website
BISE, SukkurSukkur1979BISE Sukkur Official Website

Baluchistan Education Boards 

Boards of Education in BaluchistanLocationEstablished YearOfficial Website
BISE, QuettaQuetta1979BISE Quetta Official Website

Azad Kashmir/AJK Education Boards 

Boards of Education in Azad Kashmir/AJKLocationEstablished YearOfficial Website
BISE, Azad KashmirMirpur1973BISE Azad Kashmir Official Website

Federal Education Boards 

Boards of Education in IslamabadLocationEstablished YearOfficial Website
FBISE, IslamabadIslamabad1975FBISE Islamabad Official Website

How to Check 11th Class Result

Checking 11th class Result Online : Students can check 11th class as discussed above. which are

  • Roll No
  • SMS
  • Name
  • Gazette

While checking 11th class result online. Let’s elaborate these methods in detailed below

  • Go to website of your educational Board.
  • Most educational boards in Pakistan provide online portals where students can check their results.
  • There are also some educational websites where you can check intermediate results.
  • Search for 11th Class result.
  • Type roll number and other required personal details, such as your father’s name or CNIC number.
  • Check result.
  • If anyone found any mistake/errors or discrepancies in your results, contact your educational Board.

Remember: Checking First year class results may vary depending on the educational Board. educational Board to ensure that you can check your results correctly.

Checking 11th Class Result by SMS/Message: Those students who don’t have internet access at their villages or network problem at their home they can use the SMS method to check 11th class result. Cadets also can check 9th class result, 10th class result and 12th class result. Let’s define in detail the steps for checking First year result by SMS.

  • Take an android mobile phone such as (Samsung Galaxy, Noki, Opo, iphone) etc.
  • Go to message application and open it.
  • Type your Roll Number in message body.
  • Send SMS to the designated number provided by your educational Board.
  • This number is usually advertised on the Educational Board’s website or in local newspapers.
  • EduHQ provided tables below where you can find, those numbers.
  • With your Roll no, you may need to type in the message in the format provided by your educational Board.
  • It involves typing other personal details. Such as your date of birth or your father’s name.
  • Send the SMS.
  • Wait for response from the educational exam Board.
  • It’s depend upon requests, this may take a few minutes or more.
  • When you received a reply message.
  • Try to view 11th-class result.

Note:  Learners must use an active sim card. If you have an issue with your network, please contact the following services companies. Which are listed underneath.

SMS Codes for Punjab Board 

Name of BoardSMS NumberOfficial Website
BISE, Lahore800291BISE Lahore Official Website
BISE, Gujranwala800299BISE Gujranwala Official Website
BISE, Faisalabad800240BISE Faisalabad Official Website
BISE, Multan800293BISE Multan Official Website
BISE, Rawalpindi800296BISE Rawalpindi Official Website
BISE, Sahiwal800292BISE Sahiwal Official Website
BISE, Bahawalpur800298BISE Bahawalpur Official Website
BISE, Dera Ghazi Khan800295BISE Dera Ghazi Khan Official Website
BISE, Sargodha800290BISE Sargodha Official Website

SMS Codes for KPK Education Boards 

Name of BoardSMS NumberOfficial Website
Peshawar Board9818Peshawar Board Official Website
Swat Board8333Swat Board Official Website
Malakand Board8583Malakand Board Official Website
Bannu Board9818Bannu Board Official Website
Mardan Board9818Mardan Board Official Website
Dera Ismail Khan Board9818Dera Ismail Khan Board Official Website
Abbottabad BoardAbbottabad Board Official Website

SMS Codes for Sindh Education Boards 

Name of BoardSMS NumberOfficial Website
BISE, Karachi8583BISE Karachi Official Website
BISE, Hyderabad8583BISE Hyderabad Official Website
BISE, Sukkur80029BISE Sukkur Official Website
BISE, Mirpurkhas8583BISE Mirpurkhas Official Website
Aga Khan Board8583Aga Khan Board Official Website
BISE, Larkana800291BISE Larkana Official Website
Karachi BoardBIEK Karachi Official Website

SMS Codes for Azad Kashmir/AJK Education Boards 

Name of BoardSMS NumberOfficial Website
BISE, AJKBISE AJK Official Website

SMS Codes for Baluchistan Education Boards 

Name of BoardSMS NumberOfficial Website
BISE, BaluchistanBISE Baluchistan Official Website

SMS Codes for Federal Education Boar

Name of BoardSMS NumberOfficial Website
FBISE, IslamabadFBISE Islamabad Official Website

Remember: While student checking 11th class result via SMS, will charge Rs. 2 to 10 Rs.

Checking 11th Class Result on School Notice Board

Candidates can also check their results of their School board, college board, university board as they concern.
Those students who want to check 11th result, they have to visit their school board and looking for a notice board where the results are displayed.
While checking 11th class result on your school notice board in Pakistan. Let’s focus on steps below.

  • Go to visit your school for 11th class result checking.
  • Go to notice board where the 11th-class results are displayed.
  • Search for your name on the results list displayed on the notice board.
  • Completely Check your results to ensure that all entered the information is correct.
  • If any any errors/mistakes found in your results.
  • Please notify your school administration.

Checking 11th Class Result by Gazette: After the announcement of results, such as 9th class, 10th class, 11th class and 12th class result. Every student try to get result quickly and easily. For such kind of reason every exam boards provided the four methods of checking results.

Which are Roll number, SMS, Name and Gazette. However, Checking your result by Gazette is very simple you may have to wait for the Gazette to be uploaded on your Board’s website. This Gazette is usually published by the Educational Board and is available at designated locations such as the Board’s office or your school. You can also get this Gazette in hard copy from the nearest bookstore or shops.

To check your 11th class result by Gazette, you need to follow these steps:

  • Try to get copy of the Gazette containing the 11th class results.
  • Search for your name or roll number on the list of results in the Gazette.
  • Ensure that all the information is correct.

Note: Candidates can marks sheet only when student check his/her result 11th class result online.

Errors and Their Corrections Class 11th Result Card

Students mostly made mistakes while filling the exams form of 9th class and they make errors in spelling mostly in their Name, Father’s Name, cast, religion etc. And they claim that their result cards need to be corrected. Let’s focus the following steps to finish the errors in future. 

Types of Errors 

Class 11 result card may have these issues.

  • Student Name Spelling.
  • Father’s name spelling.
  • Course/subject is different. 
  • Obtained marks are correct.
  • Error in Subject names.
  • Wrong percentage calculation.
  • Wrong grading.  

Error Correction in 11th Class Result Card 

If a student find mistakes on result card, try to follow the following ways.

Discuss with the Relevant Authorities

You can meet the authorities face to face in their office, if not then.The call the school or Board that gave you the report card. Send them an email.

Provide Proof of the Error

Candidate must provide the photocopy of the error result card for the purpose of evidence.

Request for The Error’s Correction

For such kind of process, you may be need of the form to fill regarding your errors.Tell them what’s wrong and ask how to fix it.

Request Follow-up

You have to Make sure the mistake is fixed. Else once again remind them by approaching the right people after you have sent your request. It might take more than one reminder to get a response.

Latest Updates on 1st Year Result 2024

All the educational exam boards of Pakistan including Punjab boards, announce the result of the candidates on the same day and at the same time. But other provinces of Pakistan such as Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Balochistan And Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) announce their exam boards according their exam board time table. Boards are

BISE Gujranwala Board, BISE Faisalabad Board, BISE Lahore Board, BISE Multan Board, BISE Bahawalpur Board, BISE Sargodha Board, BISE DG Khan Board, BISE Peshawar Board, BISE Swat Board, BISE Karachi Board, BISE Hyderabad Board, BISE Sukkur Board, BISE Larkana Board, BISE Aga Khan Board, BISE Abbottabad Board, BISE Quetta Board, BISE AJK Board, BISE Sahiwal Board, BISE Bannu Board, BISE Mardan Board, BISE DI Khan Board.

However, the education minister urge the education board’s team to take preparation as the commencement of the exams to announce the result on time, where as not waste the time of the candidates for their preparation regarding the 11th class exams. Because the latest updates on 11th result announcement, that exam will be conducted on 11th May 2024 and the result of first year will be announced in October 2024.

Result Live Update

All the private and regular candidates can check their results  after the completion of the evaluation process, which is expected to be completed soon. However, all the boards of Pakistan are conducting the exams of 11th class, including Science, Commerce, and Arts according the specific time table of their exam boars.

Passing Percentage

At least 33% percent student has to obtained in the exam, to pass the 11th class (first year). Any candidate did not get 33% percentage, they will not be considered as pass cadest, they will be fail. They have to reappear in the exam next year. Which is called supplementary exams or supply exams.

11th Class Marking and Grading Schemes 

Subject Wise Marks List

The marks list of the Compulsory Subjects in 1st year is mentioned below in the table:

11th Class Science Group Subject Wise Marks Distribution 

Subjects namesTotal Marks/SubjectPractical Marks
Compulsory Subjects
Urdu/ Geography100
Tarjuma Tul Quran50
FSc Pre Engineering
FSc Pre Medical
General Science Group (ICS)
Physics (Mathematics is necessary)10030
Computer science10030
Additional Subject
Environmental Science10030

From the above table you can easily analyze the Subject Marks. Such as English 100 Urdu 100 Islamiyat 50 etc.

Subject Wise Marks Distribution of 11th Commerce Class Group

Subjects namesTotal Marks/SubjectPractical Marks
Commerce Group (I.Com)
Principles of Accounting10020
Principles of Economics75
Principles of Commerce75
Business Mathematics50

Marks Distribution of Elective Subjects In F.A (Arts Group) 

Subjects namesWritten Paper MarksPractical Marks
Group I
English Literature
Group II
Fine Arts30
Group III
Islamic History
World History
Physical Education30

Remember: Those candidates, who choose an arts group, they must choose two optional subjects.

Grading Criteria of 11th Class in 2022 

PercentageGradeRemarksGrade Points
80% or aboveA+Exceptional4.0
70% or above but below 80%AExcellent3.5
60% or above but below 70%BVery Good3.0
50% or above but below 60%CGood2.5
40% or above but below 50%DFair2.0
Below 40% to minimum passingESatisfactory1.0

Note: The grading criteria for the 2023-2024 academic year will be posted after revision by the BISEs. 

Well all those students taking, cadets must ensure they have read and completely comprehended the marking criteria and mark allocation. This factoring will aid in the learner’s planning of their studies and increase their chances of doing well in the examination.

Revised Policies for Intermediate 

Policies related to passing marks percentage, in each subject and those new subject introduced in intermediate curriculum are mention below.

  • Passing Marks Criteria for 11th Class 
  • New Books for Intermediate 

Passing Marks Criteria for 11th Class: All those educational exam boards of Pakistan including:

Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary and Secondary Education (FBISE), Punjab Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (PBISE), Sindh Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (SBISE), Balochistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BBISE), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (KPBISE), Azad Jammu and Kashmir Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (AJK BISE).

The above exam boards of all provinces of Pakistan, that a cadet must have to obtained at least 40% of Marks in each subject of final examination. Else the candidates who failed the exam, must have to retake the exam.

New Books for Intermediate : The 11th Class (First year) curriculum has been changed, Tarjamah Tul Quran and Practical Geography have been added, all these will be start for the next year school.

Well it’s good news for students of 1st year and 2nd year, that they will changed their subjects in intermediate curriculum.

Supplementary Exams Policy for 11th Class  

Students who are failed in their exams, they will have another chance for the supplementary exams. Where the candidates will appear in the exams, if they pass the exam of supplementary, student will be next class, else student has to go in previous class to improve.

Student must have to appear for his/her paper on the specific time given by the exam board, he concern. Else student must give  all the subjects collectively in the next school year.
Same like other exam taking criteria, student will be assigned with.

  • Roll Number
  • Name
  • And the subject, student selected.

Rules for Re-appearing in Class 11 Exams 

  • Those students, who took the Inter Part I and II (Supplemental) Examination in an academic year and passed one or two courses can retake those exams until the Part I and II (Annual) Examination in a particular academic year.
  • Cadets who failed in more than two subjects,they will have to retake Parts I and II.
  • Students who didn’t pass the Part I & II (Supplemental) Examination, they can apply and pay for the Part I & II (Yearly) Examination, 2019, as per the Board’s rules.
  • Students who want to recount their papers must submit an online application through the BISE website within 15 days of the results being released.
  • Students who want to improve their scores can retake the test in Part I, Part II, or both subjects with only one chance. It will be done within two years of passing the exam in the same groups and courses in the current syllabus.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I check my inter-Part 1 result?

  • Go to official website your exam board.
  • check your inter part 1 result, by clicking the website.
  •  OR send by your roll number, given by your board.
  • You can also check results for the 11th Class by Gazette.

Can students fail class 11?

If a cadet’s is failing a Grade 11 course. If you did not pass the science subjects in 11th grade, you have to take the another exam for the courses you are failed.

What are the minimum marks to pass in the 11th Class?

At least 40%, in each subject to pass the 11th class.


Student can get better knowledge After reading and analyzing the article through the EduHQ (the HeadQuarters of Education). With help of EduQH you can quickly check your results such as 9th class result, 10th class result, 11th result and 12th class result. You wil also get info regarding to intermediate result checking, mark distribution, and grading.