9th Class Result 2024

9th Class Result 2024

EduHQ is a platform where you can find searches related to the 9th class result of Pakistan’s educational board exams. Such as, BISE Gujranwala, BISE Lahore, BISE Faisalabad, BISE Multan, BISE Rawalpindi, BISE Sahiwal, BISE Bahawalpur, BISE Peshawar, BISE Karachi, BISE AJK and so on. Where students can search their 9th Class Result.

Punjab Boards

BISE DG Khan Board 9th Class result

DG Khan Board

KPK Boards

BISE Sawat Board 9th Class Result

Swat Board

Sindh Boards

BISE Aga Khan Board

Aga Khan Board

Balochistan Board

Azad Jammu and Kashmir Board

We are here to fulfill your desires regarding 9th Class Result 2024

We care of your excitement emotions regards the9th Class Result 2024. We are here to help you regarding your every searches of query concern to the Education Boards of Pakistan. Such as Punjab Boards Results, Sindh Boards Results, KPK Boards Result, Balochistan Boards Results, Sawat Boards Results, Azad Jammu and Kashmir Boards Results.

However, EduHQ.pk the HeadQuarters of Education, not only focusing finding 9th Class Result but all those problems to a student concern to his/her 9 class Examination Board. Such as Rechecking the Papers, Reappearing in the Supplementary exam’s and Grading distributing system.

The 9th Class Result 2024 is everyone life first stage towards further studies. Most of the students don’t know how to prepare for 9 class exam ? , How to give give the papers, which methods are necessary to get good marks. Keeping in point of view, we will thoroughly discover in detail about everything step by step, in order to makes a student understand. Which steps student should have to follow or not. let’s delve into the details!

9th Class Result 2024

The Government of Pakistan, always have positive aspect for the betterment of Education system. However the provincial Government is responsible for the Education System. There are total six Educational boards in Pakistan. Out of the four Provinces of Pakistan, Every province is responsible for the quality insurance, excellency for 9th Class Result 2024. Such as

  • Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE)
  • Sindh Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (SBISE)
  • Punjab Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (PBISE)
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (KPBISE)
  • Balochistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BBISE)
  • Azad Jammu and Kashmir Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (AJK BISE)

The above Boards of every province for 9th Class Result 2024, are hereby to look after all the sub Educational branches are under it. They have to make plan for the Books, exams, Governments funds, Scholarships for the talented/poor students. However many privates schools, colleges and private institutes are affiliated with the international Educational organizations. Such Oxford, Cambridge

Sindh Education Boards

Punjab Education Boards


Boards of Education in PunjabLocationDate
BISE, FaisalabadFaisalabad1988
BISE, Lahore Lahore1954
BISE, Gujranwala Gujranwala
BISE, MultanMultan1968
BISE, RawalpindiRawalpindi

BISE, Sahiwal

BISE, Bahawalpur 

BISE Dera, Ghazi Khan 
Dera Ghazi Khan 

BISE, Sargodha 

KPK Education Boards

Boards of Education in KPK 
BISE, AbbottabadAbbottabad 1990
BISE, Bannu Bannu 1990
BISE, Dera Ismail Khan Dera Ismail khan 2006
BISE, Kohat Kohat 
BISE, MalakandMalakand1961
BISE, Mardan Mardan 
BISE, Peshawar  Peshawar 1961
BISE, Sawat  Sawat 1992

Balochistan Education Boards

Boards of Education in Balochistan LocationDate
BISE, QuettaQuetta1976

Azad Kashmir/AJK Education Boards 

Boards of Education in Azad Kashmir/AJK
BISE, Azad Kashmir 
Azad Kashmir 

Federal Education Boards 

Boards of Education in Islamabad LocationDate
FBISE, Islamabad  Islamabad1975

How to Check 9th Class Result 

Well there are different ways to check your Examination Boards Results for 9th Class Result 2024, using internet. Such as Class 9 result, 10th Class Result, 11th Class Result and 12th Class Result. However Searching 9th Class result online. Simple you have to follow the below steps, to check your Exam’s Results

Searching 9th Class Result Online

  • The Exam Board where you are enrolled, of course it will have an official website.
  • you have to Click the official link of your Examination Board’s.
  • Find the option “Results” in the menu bar or somewhere else on Home Page.
  • There you will have different links,(9th Class, 10th Class, 11th Class, 12th Class).
  • Click the 9th Class Result. The link will lead you, where you can find your 9th Class result, by Entering your.
  • Roll No, Name or other required information, on which behalf you can get your result.
  • Click the option submit to view your exam board 9th Class Result.8-> Enjoy your Result.
  • Still you have problem, you may contact your board team Via.
  • Helpline number, Email Address or something else given in website.

9th Class Result Announcement Date

Keep visiting, The HeadQuarters of Education ( EduHQ.pk), where it makes you Update regarding 9th Class Result 2024, date, curriculum of your examination boards, their results of 9th Class , 10th Class, 11th Class and 12th Class, according the Education Boards of Pakistan. Further for your more clear understanding keep in mind the following methods.

9th class result check by roll number

Well, every Examination Board have their own official website to check 9th Class Result 2024, where students can check their 9th grade exam result, using roll no, by Name, by SMS, by Gazette. However, using roll number for checking the result. Follow the steps below, for checking the 9th Class exam result.

  • Go to the official website, e.g (9th class result 2024 gujranwala board).
  • Click the link.
  • Select the Group.
  • Enter your Roll Number.
  • Enjoy your Exam Board Result.

Checking 9th Class Result by SMS/Message  


  This method of checking 9th Class Result 2024, Such as Punjab Boards Results, Sindh Board Results, KPK Boards Results, Balochistan and AJK Boards Results. Make sure that your School/College Board, does have such SMS checking facility or not. If Yes, follow the ways beneath to Check Ninth grade result by Message.

  • send your SMS to the designated code number provided by your specific Exam Board.
  • Inshallah, Soon you will be inform by your Examination Board Team, regarding your result.
  • Wait, for your upcoming sent request, for 9th Class Result.

Note: While sending your Message to the concern Board Exam for 9th Class Result 2024, you must have your mobile, with active SIM Card. Such as Mobilink, Zong, Telenor, U-Phone with sufficient Balance, in order to send SMS.
The HeadQuarters of Education (EduHQ.pk), is always here for your support to check, 9th Class Result 2024 Via SMS. Let’s Delve into the Following table, Examination Boards, the Government of Pakistan.

SMS Codes for Sindh Education Boards

Name of BoardSMS NumberRegionOfficial WebsiteContact
BIEK, Karachi  (Intermediate)8583Karachi Site LInk021-99260200
BIEK, Karachi  (Secondary)8583Karachi Site Link021-99260200
BISE, Hyderabad8583HyderabadSite Link022-9200896
BISE, Sukkur80029SukkurSite Link071-9310626
BISE, Larkana800291 LarkanaSite Link074-9410290
Aga Khan Board8583KarachiSite Link021-36822931
BISE, Mirpurkhas
8583MirpurkhasSite Link0233-9290516

SMS Codes for Punjab Board 

Name of BoardSMS NumberRegionOfficial WebsiteContact
BISE, Faisalabad800240FaisalabadSite Link041-2517721-22
BISE, Lahore 800291LahoreSite Link042-99200192
BISE, Gujranwala 800299GujranwalaSite Link055-9200751-52
BISE, Multan800293MultanSite Link061-9210125-6
BISE, Rawalpindi800296RawalpindiSite Link051-5450929-31
BISE, Sahiwal800292SahiwalSite Link040-9200516-17
BISE, Bahawalpur 800298BahawalpurSite Link062-9255497-98
BISE, Dera Ghazi Khan 
Dera Ghazi KhanSite Link064-9260631-32
BISE, Sargodha 800290Sargodha Site Link048-3250040-41

SMS Codes for KPK Education Boards 

Name of BoardSMS NumberRegion/LocationOfficial WebsiteContact
Abbottabad Board9818AbbottabadSite Link 0992-392010
Bannu Board9818BannuSite Link 0937-9230365
Dera Ismail Khan Board9818Dera Ismail KhanSite Link 0966-9280155
BISE Kohat Board8583 KohatSite Link0922-554619
Malakand Board8583MalakandSite Link 0945-764091
BISE, Mardan 9818Mardan Site Link0937-9230365
BISE, Peshawar 9818Peshawar Site Link091-9216262
Swat Board8333SwatSite Link0946-9240172

SMS Codes for Balochistan Education Boards

Name of BoardSMS NumberRegionOfficial WebsiteContact
BISE, Balochistan —–QuettaSite Link081-9202771

Azad Kashmir/AJK Education Boards 

Name of BoardSMS NumberRegionOfficial WebsiteContact
BISE, AJK 5050
AJKSite Link960006

SMS Codes for Federal Education Board

Name of BoardSMS NumberLocationOfficial WebsiteContact
FBISE, Islamabad 5050Islamabad Site Link051-9269555

Checking 9th Class Result by Gazette

This type of method checking Boards Exam Result of Result of9th Class Result 2024, is a way of checking in Pdf Format, where student can check their name by opening the pdf provided by their exam board. Such Results formats are available on the official Website of examination boards of Pakistan.

Those candidates having no internet access they can get on Books Shop, in the Gazette, where Student can search his/her result of 9th Class Result, 10th Class result, 11th Class result or 12th Class result. However this is available for all Government Education Boards of Pakistan.
Including, Sindh Boards of Education, Punjab Boards of Education, Balochistan Board of Education, KPK Board of Education and AJK Boards of Education.

Let’s take look at the following methods for 9th Class Result.

  • Get the Copy of (9th Class Gazette, 10th Class Gazette, 11th Class Gazette, 12th Class Gazette) as you need.
  • Open the Gazette of your Class Exam Board’s as you are enrolled.
  • Search your Result by Entering your Roll No, By name, By Father Name.
  • This method of Finding Results is same for all Educational Exam Boards of Pakistan.
  • Such as 9th Class, 10th Class, 11th Class and 12th Class Result.

Errors and Their Corrections on 9th  Class Result Card 

The 9th Class Result is very precious in once Education future career, All his/her upcoming detail data will be concern. However, when a student is filling the Result of 9th Class Result form, he/she must fill carefully keeping in mind the correct spelling of Name, Father Name, Cast etc. If it happened, mention not we are here to explain each and everything, how to resolve the problem. Well every Examination Board has it’s own rules and regulation in the correction of 9th Class Result Card. I’m sharing one truth and well explained method happened to me.

When I was in 9th Class in 2009, I filled out my 9th Class Exam form with complete detail. Unfortunately i made mistake in my father last name, then I wrote Application to Exam Board’s of Larkana. I Called by Board office of Larkana, where i filled an other form of fee for correction in last name of my father and also to advertise in NEWS Paper( Daily Kawish Sindhi Newspaper).

You may give to your area NEWS Paper where you live!. However, Then I submitted my PhotoCopy of my Challan copy, Application and Copy of Daily Kawish Sindhi News paper to the office board of Larkana. Then in upcoming with my 10th Class Result, I made Correct with my Father Last name. So if you want to protect from the error, be carefull while filling the Examination form of 9th Class.

Common Errors May Occur

Those error mistakes which may occur while typing or something else

  • Data Entry Errors: When a student date is entered incorrect by Clerk or someone else.
  • Such in Roll Number, Name, Father Name, Cast, Religion etc.
  • Typographical Errors: The Grammatical mistakes occurred, just like Spelling, punctuations etc.
  • Omission Errors: Where student important data is forgotten such as Name, Subject in which he/she is examined.
  • Formatting errors: Such type of errors are concern to the design of result card or font sizes.
  • Printing Errors: the very minor error, while in printing Process, such as blurred in image or in text.

How can errors be corrected on a 9th class result

Mistakes usually happens, during the 9th Class Examination, while filling the form for 9th Class Result. Those errors may be from the BISE Examination Board’s or, it may be from the student side while filling the form of Board exam result for class 9. There are various aspects of this problem, it may be the mistakes during the Checking of Answers sheets of 9th Class in marks section by the teacher. All these mistakes lead towards common steps given below.

  • if you have access to the internet, Contact the BISE Exam’s Board.
  • You may Contact through their help line phone number as we described above.
  • For Making Correction in your Class 9 result, you have to Pay the Fee.
  • If Mistake was from the Exam Board’s Side, Fee will be refund. Else not.
  • For Such process of your correction in 9th Class Result, You will be provided by form.
  • You will be instructed by entering, your Roll No, Name, F/Name, School Name etc.
  • You must have Photocopy of All Submitted data details.

Note: You may waited, for a long period of time, this is because it may take time to resolve your problem, regarding your 9th Class Result 2024. Be patience until you did not get confirmed message from your related BISE Exam Boards. Such Error correction on 9th Class Result is same for all the Pakistan Government Educational Boards. Such as

Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary and Secondary Education (FBISE), Punjab Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (PBISE), Sindh Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (SBISE), Balochistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BBISE), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (KPBISE), Azad Jammu and Kashmir Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (AJK BISE).

Grading and Marking Scheme Of Class 9 result

The grading and Marks Distribution for each subject of 9th Class Result 2024 is very important. Because a student must understand before taking admission in 9th Grade. That he/she should know that, I have to prepare my self under this category of getting the obtain Marks, to pass my Grade 9 result.

Marks Distribution of 9th class Science Group 2024

SubjectTotal MarksTheory MarksPractical Marks
Total Marks65047075

Note: Keeping in mind Such kind of Marks distribution of every exam Education Board’s of Pakistan may vary slightly. For instance the following Educational Boards of Pakistan.
BISE Bahawalpur, BISE Rawalpindi, BISE Lahore, BISE Multan, BISE Faisalabad, BISE Gujranwala, BISE Kohat, BISE Mardan, BISE Sahiwal, BISE Swat, Hyderabad, Larkana, Sukkur, BISE Abbottabad, BISE Bannu, BISE Dera Ismail Khan, BISE Malakand, Federal Board of Education

Marks Distribution of Grade 9 result Arts/Humanities Group 2024

SubjectTotal MarksTheory MarksPractical Marks
Pakistan Studies7560
General Science756015
Civics/Political Science1007030
Total Marks62547040

Grading Criteria of Result of 9th class exam 2024 

The reason of Every Educational Exam Boards of Pakistan for 9th Result 2024 . Such as BISE Sindh Boards, BISE Punjab Boards, BISE Balochistan Boards, BISE KPK Boards and BISE AJK Boards is to aware every students of their related Education Boards, to keep all these Criteria of Grading system to Pass the Exam.

Percentage RangeGradeRemarksGPA (Grade Point Average)
80% or aboveA+Exceptional4.0
70% – < 80%AExcellent4.0
60% – < 70%BVery Good3.5
50% – < 60%CGood3.0
40% – < 50%DFair2.5
Below 40%ESatisfactory2.0

Work Hard, believe in Allah!. Get Good Marks with Good Grade. Failure is an other key towards success.

Supplementary Exams Policy for Ninth grade result in 2024

For the Supplementary Exams, every Educational Boards has it’s on policy to conduct the exam of their failure student. However, the Government of Punjab Educational Boards announced the policy, whenever a student is fail in one or more subject of his/her class, he will be called upon to give reagain the examination of previous subjects in which he failed.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the class 9th result important?

Yes! This is the first step, of your Education career in your upcoming future. So you are totally dependent upon your 9th Class result. If you have 9th Grade Obtained Marks, then you get admission in 10th Grade.

How can I log in to BISE Karachi?

You may use your NIC to login in to BISE Karachi Board. The 5 digit receive code through text message will be your Password.

How can we check the 9th result by SMS?

Every Educational Boards of Pakistan has it’s own SMS Code number. In order the student can get his/her 9th Class Result Via SMS.


Me and My team of EduHQ (The HeadQuarters of Educations), is always on service platform for the student queries, that may be related to his Educational Exam’s Board or Boards Results. Such as 9th Class Result, 10th Class Result, 11th Class Result and 12th Class Result. We are here to answered regarding your questions.