BISE Sukkur Board 9th Class Result 2024

BISE Sukkur Board 9th Class Result 2024

Congratulation! Parents/Teachers or Students, the moment of excitement finally get rid of doubt waiting, that when we will be on the platform of getting result. The Results of BISE Sukkur Board 9th Class Result 2024 has been upload on the official site of the Sukkur board.

However you will get the results of different Classes, Such as 9th Class, 10th Class, First Year, Inter.
Mostly i know about the students psychology, when She/He is asked about to check your Sukkur Board 9th Class Result 2024 online, they hesitate to check online, because for newbies it’s very difficult to go and search about result in menus, side bars or somewhere else. They prepare a easy way to check it.

However EduHQ (The HeadQuarters of Education) brought a very simple way for the newbies. Just they have to clicks the steps, which will be in front of them.

Sukkur Board 9th Class Result 2024

Checking the results for a student is not less than a task, which is making them confuse that where will we get our BISE Sukkur Board 9th Class Result 2024. However mention not! I and my team is with you to cover all boards of Pakistan. Some of them are mention, Such as Karachi Board, Larkana Board, Peshawar Board, Gujranwala Board, Lahore Board, Sukkur Board, Hyderabad Board, Balochistan Board and Multan Board.

Well here we are going to cover all every topic in detail about the BISE Sukkur board 9th result. So be patience you will have all the information regarding BISE Sukkur Board.

How to check BISE Sukkur 9th Class Result 2024

Well! there are many different ways while checking the BISE Sukkur Board 9th Class Result 2024. EduHQ has given you very easy steps, that you will enjoy those ways while searching your Sukkur Board 9th Class Result 2024. The Search steps are given below in your british language. The literature which is followed by the Government of Pakistan in Educational departments.

9th class result BISE Sukkur 9th Class Result 2024 by Roll Number

When there is the date announcement of BISE Sukkur Board 9th Class Result 2024, student come in excitement mode and go on searching there results of related board. where they use their different methods for searching their results.

Such 9th class result by roll no, 10th class result by roll no, 11th class result by roll no, 12th class result by roll no. However gave them very easy steps to check their Sukkur Board 9th Class Result 2024. While using to check their online result by roll number they have to follow the steps.

  • Go to the official website of BISE Sukkur Board (
  • Open the link of the official website Sukkur Board.
  • GUI (The Graphical User Interface ) of the website will be open in front of you.
  • You have to search for the sidebar there’s menu for result.
  • Click the result.
  • Select your Category.
  • Enter your roll no.
  • Select the Year.
  • Press Enter Button.
  • You will have your result of Board.
Sukkur Board 9th Class Result 2024

How to Check BISE Sukkur 9th Class Result 2024 by SMS

It’s not necessary, that everywhere students will have the advantage of internet access. They may be lack of this blessing technology. Well no care of that, the platform of EduHQ, having for you a very easy steps for you people search your BISE Sukkur Board 9th Class Result 2024 and results of different boards.

Such as 9th class result punjab board, 9th class result Lahore board, 9th class result Gujranwala board, 9th class result Peshawar board, 9th class result Khyber Agency, 9th class Balochistan board, 9th class result sindh board, 9th class result karachi board, 9th class result Hyderabad board, 9th class result Nawabshah board, 9th class result Karachi board, 9th class result Sukkur board, 9th class result Larkana board and so on.

Now the students will not wandering here and there if they need to search their board’s result to check by SMS they can easily get their result board by follow the steps displayed in the picture below.

Sukkur Board 9th Class Result 2024

Just scroll down your scrolling button of your mouse and follow the steps below.

  • Here you are not for to Visit the official site of Sukkur board.
  • you are here about to just write your roll number given you by your exam board.
  • Then you have to send your Sukkur board roll no to 80029.
  • You will be acknowledge about your 9th class result Sukkur board via message.

How To Check BISE Sukkur 9th Class Result 2024 by Name.

Well searching Schools result of BISE Sukkur Board 9th Class Result 2024 and different boards by Name is another way for the students, where He/She did not get their date announcement of , using their roll number, or SMS. However finding board results by name you can see below in the picture the steps which are explained for your different division/districts boards.

These steps are not specified for a specific class result of student. Means here you can also follow to search your 10th class result Punjab board, 10th class result Sindh board, 10th class result KPK board, 10th class result Baluchistan board.

Sukkur Board 9th Class Result 2024

Your needed steps are here to follow, in order to find your exam result Sukkur board.

  • Pay a visit to the official website of Sukkur BISE Sukkur Board.
  • Click on this link
  • Write your name.
  • Write your father name.
  • The result of your Sukkur board will show on the screen.

    As we previously defined that while searching your result by name is not only for 9th class result. But following these steps you can search your result of different class. Like 11th class result Sindh board, 11th class result Punjab board, 11th class result Peshawar, 11th class result Balochistan.

How to check BISE Sukkur 9th Class Result 2024 by Gazette

Sukkur Board 9th Class Result 2024

After Completing the board exam papers of BISE Sukkur Board 9th Class Result 2024, there is another task for students to search their results online. However Gazette is one of those four methods which explained with picture above the text, as well with steps, which we will discuss below.

Before discussing the steps, I’m telling you that Gazette result is the result which you download your result from the official website in a PDF format, as you can see in the picture above.

If you want to download, gazette result, sindh board sukkur, Part-II Supplementary Examination 2023.

Click download button below

Here my team is responsible to tell about the steps, which are needed to search your result board by Gazette method.
Steps which you have to follow:

How to Recheck Papers After an Unsatisfactory Result : 

BISE Sukkur Board Form Filling

When you have unsatisfactory with your result, from your related exam board. The BISE Sukkur Board 9th Class Result 2024, and you have intention to recheck your papers from the concelted examination board. Keep in mind while rechecking the examination papers of previous exam in which you were appeared last year. What you will do just follow the steps below.
Steps are:

  • Click this Link of BISE Sukkur Board (
  • Then you have to download the form for reappear in exam.
  • Fill the form correctly with required filled.
  • Submit the form to the Board office of BISE Sukkur.

While completing all these steps above you have to wait for the call from the board office that your form is correct with your required fields, and you submitted the fee for the rechecking the papers. Once you have complete the whole process, then wait for your upcoming marks of, BISE Sukkur Board 9th Class Result 2024, which will be add in your obtained marks, if mistake were really found. If not you will be add with your same marks, which you got in your exam.

Sukkur Board 9th Class Result 2024

The Board Migration:

Those Students which want to migrate or wish to go to other City, country or want to change their Education Board in the middle of their academic Year. So they follow the way called Board Migration. The ways you have to do for having the board migration. The steps are given below:

  • First you have to get the NOC from the current board where you are enrolled.
  • You will be having form to fill for the fee of your current examination board.
  • Once you paid the the fee for your current exam board.
  • You will be granted with NOC of your current board.
  • Now you can apply for your desired board, where you want to study.
  • While applying to next board you have to submit your all previous documents, including.
  • Previous academic record, transfer certificate and your proof of your identity.
  • After completing the above requirements, you have to wait for call back from your current board, you are applying.
  • When you got approval from the board you want to study.
  • Then you have to submit the form along with fee structure, your academic certificates for further process.
BISE Sukkur Board Supplementary Exam

How to Reappear in Supplementary Exam After Failing the Result:

When He/She fails in the current academic year board exam of BISE Sukkur Board 9th Class Result 2024. Mention not you have another way to improve your failed subjects. The way is simple, student have to do two things, first he/she must apply for the next class. The second student must also fill the form for failed subject in order to reappear in the previous class exam to improve the subject.

All these two forms have their fee criteria structure where a student have to pay the fee.
The failed subjects and for the next year exam.Well these steps of reappear in supplementary exam is same for all the grades of classes such as 9th-grade exams, 10th-grade exams, 11th-grade-exams and 12th-grade exams.

Well reappearing for the supplementary exams BISE Sukkur Board 9th Class Result 2024. The students must have to keep in mind that student will have to complete the criteria of supplementary exams, else the student will not be able to appear in the supplementary exams.

However, if the student want to cancel the whole 9th class papers, 10th class papers, 11th class papers or 12th class papers, the student must cancel the whole 9th grade result. The more elaborated of canceling the result is given below.

Result Cancellation BISE Sukkur Board 9th Class Result 2024

The result cancellation is an other big task for a student to reappear in previous grade exams given by the student.
Taking this step towards the result cancellation of your 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade means you are not satisfied with your BISE Sukkur Board 9th Class Result 2024, for the cancellation of the your obtained board result.

Follow steps below, they are:

  • Go to the official website of BISE Sukkur Board here is the link (
  • Search for the option to cancel 9th class result.
  • Once you have cancelled the result.
  • Download the form and fill according the criteria required.
  • Download the challan and pay the fee in the required bank.

Once you have complete the whole above methods, then submit your challan copy along with your documents to the boards office of your board exams. They will review your whole process of cancellation of result and bank process of paying the fee. Once the whole required methods are completed by them, they will inform that you have applied correct or wrong. Keep in mind following the above steps for the cancellation of exams are your correct option else the EduHQ, is not responsible.

BISE Sukkur Board Cancellation of Papers

Cancellation of the Board Result:

For the better understand of the students we again and again explain for the cancellation of the result, that in the text form and in picture form. We also discussed how to apply for a single cancel paper or for the whole papers of exams.
These all process are same for all the boards mention below.
BISE Bahawalpur, BISE Rawalpindi, BISE Lahore, BISE Multan, BISE Faisalabad, BISE Gujranwala, BISE Kohat, BISE Mardan, BISE Sahiwal, BISE Swat, Hyderabad, Larkana, Sukkur, BISE Abbottabad, BISE Bannu, BISE Dera Ismail Khan, BISE Malakand, Federal Board of Education.

EduHQ (The HeadQuarters of Education)

Our Team is working on different platforms, for the easiness of students concern to their Class Result announcements. That may be in form of Pictures, Pdfs and Videos. Where student can easily understand and check his/her result of class. Let’s watch a video to see one of the other methods. Click the video below:

Boards Contact Information

BISE Sukkur Board Contact Details

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I migrate to another board or school?

You must obtain a NOC from the BISE Sukkur Board and submit it to the desired board or school. After that, you can follow their admission procedures to enroll.
While migrate to another board or school you have to keep in view following methods.

  • Get NOC from the BISE Sukkur Board.
  • Submit to the school board where you want to study.
  • Then you will be able to get admission in that school of your desired.

What should I do if I am unsatisfied with my BISE Sukkur Board 9th class result?

You can increase your marks by rechecking process under your school board criteria. It’s depend upon you are rechecking a single paper or more. You can also reappear in supplementary exam of your board, where you can cancel your result or want to repeat your 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade or 12th grade.

How do I get a second copy of my mark sheet?

While getting copy of your mark sheet, you have to apply for a duplicate copy of mark sheet, with fee structure of BISE Sukkur Board, You must have the copy of your original mark sheet and your student ID card.


Well having examination board facility is not less than blessing. This is the blessing of Allah! at us that, we have a freedom state, where we are living freely in our home state. However 9th class result 2024 Sukkur Board Sindh is a platform for all those students which are enrolled under this examination board, not only but also for the BISE Sukkur Board 10th class result, BISE Sukkur Board 11th class result, BISE Sukkur Board 12th class result. Where all these boards students can get their academic progress, students who didn’t get the desired grades, also for those students who want to retaking the exam, cancelling their grades or want to recheck their papers and results.